Following their debut at The Rich Mix in London (April 2017), Mariana Sadovska and Abraham Brody embark on an exciting journey in the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland, collecting songs and legends from remote villages.

After two weeks of intensive travel, filming and research, the musicians create their own unique re-inventions of these songs bringing together their backgrounds of Ukrainian and Lithuanian folk-singing traditions, using voices, violin, harmonium, loop station, shruti box and other instruments to weave their own unique magical sound worlds, envoking wooded glades, snowy mountains and lost songs from Eastern Europe. 

The performance explores the shared cultural heritage between them, both having roots with the Lemko people, an ethnic minority native to the Carpathian mountains, who preserve their very own ancient culture and traditions.

A few words on Mariana Sadovska...

"Mariana Sadovska plays with fire, bringing Ukrainian tradition into new musical territory..."

Inspired by the traditional music of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, Mariana Sadovska's career has taken her around the world and she has gained critical acclaim for her transcendent voice, captivating performances and soulful connection to her audience. Born in Lviv, Ukraine, Mariana Sadovska trained as a classical pianist at Lviv’s National Music Academy, before forging a career that dances between theatre and experimental / improvised music.  She has collaborated with some exceptional artists including Anthony Coleman, Michael Alpert, Frank London and the Kronos Quartet and performed on stages across the world including Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the UK, Ukraine, Armenia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Israel and the US.

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