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From The Rich Dark Earth transports us to a world of ancient Baltic traditions and roots. As a classically-trained violinist, folk-singer and performance-artist, Abraham Brody creates innovative compositions and arrangements drawn from rye-reaping chants, rain invocations and mid-summer songs. The album represents a combination of instruments (modern and traditional) together with voice and electronics, taking us from the hustle of the city to our ancient roots, through the dreamy melodies of Lithuania.

In Brody's words, "Lithuania for me is a unique place which still keeps its cultural identity strongly and beautifully. This album is a manifestation of my deep love for its music, its nature and its people".


Full tracking-listing

Jau aušt aušruže (The Dawn has Come)

Pletai - Leliumoj

Žalio Vario

Biedna Siratėle (Orphan Girl)

Tureja Liepa

Vaikstinejo Tevulis (Father was walking)

Tu Pucine Raudonasai (O you Red Bush)

Vai As Paklausiau ( I asked)

Oi Le Lia (Oak Tree)



Trep Trepo Martela

Ruta Žalioji (Green Rue)

A Thistle Grows



Produced by Abraham Brody and Pavel Nikolsky

Recorded at Dewar's Powerhouse Studios (Moscow), The Lithuanian Academy of Music and The Lithuanian National Theatre (Vilnius)

All music composed and performed by Abraham Brody with the exception of 'Trep, Trepo Martela' (featuring Trys Kesturiose) and 'Leliumoj' (featuring Pletai).

Graphic design: Ruta Baradinskaite

Photography Cover: Oleg Skrinda, Brian McWilliams, Abraham Brody.

© May 2017, all rights reserved.



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